I feel the need to introduce myself again.

no no no, my poor little unread blog. I have not forsaken you. I simply lead a very busy high school life....just kidding. I basically just sit around and eat popcorn all day. well for this month anyway.

during the months of December-February, I really busy...for reals. I lead the life of a passionate and beautifully hectic person during those months...playing basketball. but I wouldn't trade it for anything.


one of the best decisions I have made was when I joined the Rapid City Christian Lady Comets basketball team during my freshman year. at first, I didn't know if I wanted to, but a friend who played on the team approached me and said they needed some more players. so I decided to give it a shot. now, this was my first year of high school, so I had only ever played middle school basketball before this (which is so non-intense I don’t even count those years). this, I knew, was going to be very different. I was very insecure because I thought I wasn't very good and it didn't help that I was really out of shape. everyone else had already been practicing for about four weeks before me.

on the first practice that I went to, they were doing these drills that I didn't know but everyone else was familiar with. so I just went along and probably made a fool of myself but I had so much fun! I began to find that I had a love for basketball. even though I am still not very good, I learned as long as you are having fun and playing for GOD, that it doesn't matter your skill level. but it doesn't hurt to try your hardest either.


now as a sophomore, this year was even more different and better than my first year. I have a better bond with my teammates, more knowledge of the game, and am better coordinated. I have learned SO much this year and I just feel like I've become so much of a better player with God’s help. God has really given me a passion for the game of basketball. 
the thrill I get from diving on the floor for a loose ball, driving in for a layup, or popping it out of another’s hand for a steal is unlike anything I've experienced. 
I am so glad I joined the team, even when all odds were against me, and found my passion for the game of basketball.
next year, as a junior, I really hope to play more Varsity. I really feel like I'm ready to step up and be a leader. granted, we will have quite a few seniors (we didn't have any this year, thank God) but I am ready to prove myself.

other stuff I've been up to ::

my new guitar I got a few weeks ago.


 have you seen Catching Fire yet? it is SO good. it's a must if you're one of those people.

            tip: feed me pizza. pizza is my love language.

 been studying this bad boy lately.
I turn 16 this summer so I have to be preparing myself.


our family took a quick one week family vacation at the end of February to San Diego. I'm still editing through the pictures but as soon I'm done with them, I'll put them up on the blog. I'll give you a quick preview though! 


well! it feels so good and natural to be blogging again! can't wait to get back into rhythm this summer.

love you guys.



Oh my dear readers!

I apologize for not being up to par on my blogging these days. I really and truly want to write! I just get stuck on WHAT to right. Sometimes I feel like I give you guys a few lines and mostly pictures. Yet I struggle with expressing myself and pulling out the inner author I know is locked somewhere deep inside me. But I often feel my writing is not good enough to be posted. That's just my problem! I compare myself too much to the other popular writers/bloggers but I forget that I don't have to write like them. I have to write like me...
And that's is just what I am going to try harder doing.

Let me give an update about what I've been up to recently.

My first basketball practice started yesterday! I woke up this morning feeling like an old man with arthritis...as per usual after first practice. I really need to whip it into shape! Since a few of our top players have gone and graduated on us, Coach Hammon  told me that I have to step it up because he's going to put me in all 4 quarters in the Junior Varsity games and possibly a couple in Varsity. Oh dear...

I recently took our family pictures for our annual Thanksgiving letter. Here are a couple shots of the Russ Family this fall season.

this one makes me giggle. here's everyone being serious, and Dad is off in the corner with a mischievous grin. 
yours truly.

If any of you have not yet visited my photography website, make sure you do so! I just gave it a fresh look.

What are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving weekend?? We were invited to a family's house this year! I hope that you spend it with those you love and give joyful thanks throughout the day to the One who created it all!

(the pictures following are taken from my Pinterest)

quotes that inspired me this week.

Romans 1:32: "Who knowing the judgement of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."

longing for adventure.

winter fashion for me to experiment.

music I have been soaking in.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior.

--Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) / Hillsong United --

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


the circle // hawaii 2012

This month I am very excited to be linking up with the Circle!
I have been wanting to join and when I saw November's topic was 'All About Travel', I thought that was a great place to start! :)

As many of you may or may not know, my Dad works for SkyWest Airlines. In turn with this career, we are able to fly for free. Yep, absolutely free! But there is one catch; we have to fly standby. Which basically means, if there are enough seats left after all the paid passengers board, you can get on. 
Anyways, we have been very blessed to travel to many different places because of this benefit.

In March of 2012, our family took our second trip to the island of Oahu on Hawaii. Our second trip was, to me, very different than when we first visited in 2009. I had a new perspective about everything I laid eyes on. I saw it's beauty in a whole new way. I was also older, and able to remember more and appreciate it the things I saw.

It was while we were in Hawaii that year that I began to have a love for photography. 
On my previous birthday, I had received my very first digital camera. It was one of those cool ones with the screen on the front for selfies ;) I took it everywhere; including this trip to Hawaii. 

I also did a cheeky bit of video diaring (if that's a word) for my friend while in Hawaii. I will spare you that boring 40 minutes of video footage :)

In the week and a half we were there, I came in touch with my inner photographer; taking pictures of anything and everything. Soon I started subconsciously trying harder to get better shots, perspectives and lighting. I started caring about how good my pictures looked. It has since become my ever growing hobby. I have even turned into a business.

Our trip was full of never-ending adventure.

Volcanoes were hiked.

Diamond Head:

Koko Head Crater: (we were especially daring that day)

big sis, Jenn

Massive trees were climbed.

Ropes were shimmied up.

yep, that's as far as I got...

Tremendous waves were admired from afar.

Turtles were greeted.

and a lovely peacock.

A whale tail was witnessed.

(and no, that is not a whale mating call...that is simply me screaming)

Beach sunsets were captured.

I think it's safe to say I would consider this my most unforgettable, memorable, and perhaps even favorite, vacation...

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